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Discover Räpina

What to do in Räpina?

There is plenty to discover in Räpina and its surroundings for visitors of all ages. South-East Estonia is rich in its cultural heritage (Seto culture, Russian Old Believers) and historical landmarks. Beautiful and untouched nature, berry and mushroom forests, moors are good for hiking and lakes and rivers are good for fishing, swimming and kayaking. It all forms together as a perfect holiday experience! Check out our selection on the map below!

Within walking distance from the hotel are all points of interest within Räpina town borders – Sillapää castle and Räpina Museum, Räpina historical Paper Factory, Räpina Creative Center). Räpina dam lake with its sandy beach is just 200 m from our hotel, its great for swimming and you can also rent a boat to ride on the dam lake, river and try fishing.

Estonian longest river Võhandu flows through Räpina and ends right outside of Räpina in lake Peipus, the 4th largest lake in Europe, separating Estonia and Russia. For those of you, who want to see the eastern border of Schengen on the lake, there is a perfect place with lookout tower in Lüübnitsa, where the Russian island of Kolpino is clearly visible on the other side of the border.

Attractions and places worth to visit in the neighborhood

Approximately 30 min drive from Räpina are a number of great places, that make South-East Estonia so special and drive visitors back here again and again – for example Piusa caves, Taevaskoda sandstone outcrops, Värska mineral waterpark, Estonian Road Museum with great activities, Meenikunno bog hiking and lakesPort of Räpina on lake Peipus is a great place to discover this huge lake by motorboat, or even take a boat to Tartu or further through Emajõgi river.


Find attractions in the region

For your convenience we have selected places worth of visiting in the South of Estonia, that are in the neighborhood of Räpina (ca 30 min drive, some less some a little further). You find additional infomation by clicking on a star.

More detailed turism map of region in Estonian language>>

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