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Messages about Räpina

What was discussed in media about in Räpina in the 1930s, when the building was completed?

Postimees 1930

Petrol station opened in Räpina. The movement of power carts in Räpina is growing and in order to satisfy their petrol consumption, a petrol vending machine was set up in front of the economic association (Tartu mnt 2) in those days. [Message] // Postimees, 22.09.1930, no. 257, p. 5.

Postimees 1934

The number of holidaymakers in Räpina is growing. In recent days, the number of holidaymakers in Räpina has grown rapidly and there are constantly more coming. Currently, there are about 100 holidaymakers in Räpina and the surrounding settlements. Their exact number is difficult to determine because there is no corresponding registration point on site. Every year, the number of holidaymakers in Räpina has shown an increase, because the beautiful surroundings of Võhandu and the berry-rich forests attract former holidaymakers back, who also bring new ones. [Message] // Postimees, 02.07.1934, no. 177, p. 6.

Postimees 1934

A dog fee was imposed in Räpina. Räpina rural municipality council set the dog fee at 3 kroons for those dog owners who keep more than one utility dog. Dog registration plates are already present. [Message] // Postimees, 10.07.1934, no. 185, p. 6

Postimees 1936

Räpina Volunteer. The Fire Brigade approved the report at its annual general meeting. Paul Kiudosk [Grandfather of Juho Karu], the current long-term chairman, P. Loderaud – treasurer, O. Peedosk – chief chairman and O. Laar – deputy chairman were elected the chairman of the association. The following were members of the Management Board: J. Kaarov, J. Preeden, J. Härsing, J. Lillberg, J. Kirss, J. Loderaud and K. Kärsin. The Audit Committee was elected: Ms. M. Nigols, Värnik and J. Kuus.

Postimees 1936

Räpina Farmers’ Association organizes an exhibition. 14. skp. The Räpina Farmers’ Association held its annual general meeting in the premises of the local joint bank, where, among other things, it was decided to organize an agricultural exhibition in the small town of Räpina in the autumn. D. Lepund, J. Kruus, J. Pabusk and J. Värnik were elected to the exhibition committee. Revision Commission A. Parmas, J. Pabusk and R. Kiudosk were elected. [Juho Karu’s great-uncle]


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